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Northampton Coach Company

By choosing Northampton Minibus hire Company, you are going to get a coach hire experience different from what you are used to. Are you tired of having to wait for hours until your coach rental arrives or sending countless messages to companies that just don’t respond? With our minibus hire in Northampton services, we promise it is going to be different.

We have an active website with a live customer care team that responds immediately to your queries. What’s more, we have top notch brand vehicles in our fleet—from a Mercedes 16 seater, a Ford Transit 14 seater, or even large 53 seater Volvos. We have been in business for years, so we know all the convenient road networks leading to the best attractions in town.

Things to Do in Northampton

You can count on us to give you an exciting tour in the city showing you what makes Northampton a beautiful place to live in. From historical buildings, lush gardens and even popular eat-outs serving the best English cuisine, we will show you all of it!

Rockingham Castle

Rockingham Castle is quite an old building within the city; approximately 900 years old. Not only is it famous for its rich history dating back to the medieval Bronze age, but also for the well manicured gardens within the vicinity and the stylish tea rooms open to visitors. If you have always wanted to visit a real medieval English castle, you will have the best adventure exploring Rockingham.

Billing Aquadrome

Yes, you may be in town as a visiting tourist, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have a little camping experience while at it. The Billing Aquadrome is a leisure public park with plenty of green space to pitch your tents. The area is surrounded by greenery and the addition of a lake within the campsite is just bliss. In case you are getting bored of your hotel room, just drive down here, hire some tents, and be one with nature.

Motoring Circuits in the City

Northampton is one of the few cities in England with a motoring history. It currently has three circuit tracks, the Silverstone Circuit, Santa Pod Raceway and Rockingham Motor Speedway. Silverstone Circuit has to be the oldest as it was the first ever speeding motorway to be created. Santa Pod Raceway was formerly an air strip that converted to a racing track; it currently hosts all the drag racing events in the city. Rockingham Motor Speedway is like the Grand Prix of Monaco; it the largest, the busiest and where the major racing championships for fast cars are held.

Rushton Triangular Lodge

This building is centuries old (completed in the 16th century) and still boasts of artistic gothic architecture. Rushton Triangular Lodge also has open grounds for hire; so any birthday party, wedding or engagement party will be ideal overlooking the pristine gothic structures.

Events in Northampton

• Northampton International Tattoo Convention, Northampton Saints Rugby Ground, Northampton (4th June 2016)

• The Legends Show (Feat The Jets), Picturedrome, Northampton (26th March 2016)